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About Solution

Solution is India’s Largest Service Network to provide Onsite Service Support to our Client for IT, OA, AV and Securities Industries.










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How it Work

Mobile Apps Process


Receive a Service Calls

Launch the Apps to start getting Visit Service Calls


Accept the Service Calls

Accept the Service Calls to receive the Client Details


Reach at Service Sites

Through GPS Navigation systems reach at Client Sites


Resolve Service Calls

Solve the Problems and New Service Calls.


Payments in your Bank

Professional Fees will be transferred into your Bank.


You can Partner with us in multiple way and increase your revenue.

Remote Call Assistance ( RCA )

Any Individual / Company having a Technical Knowledge of a Product to guide the actual user to get his problem resolve through Telephonic Support.

Technical Support Partner ( TS )

Any Individual / Company having an Expert Technical Knowledge of a Product to guide and solve the problem of Field Service Engineer of his Onsite Service Call through Telephonic Support.

Field Visit Partner ( FV )

Any Individual / Company having a Expert Technical Knowledge of a Product to solve onsite Service Support Calls by making a visit to the client site.


Solution is India’s Largest Service Network with more than 9000+ Partners.

Partner with Solution and earn great money .Be your own boss and get paid per call wise on your own schedule.

  • No Office. No Boss. Be your own Boss.
  • Work as per your convenience
  • Handle more Calls of nearby area and increase your income
  • Payment settlement as per Contract


Is Smart Phone is Compulsory?

For RCA and TE Partners Smart Phone is Compulsory. For FV Partner Smart Phone is not compulsory. But we strongly recommend to have Smart Phone for FV Partnership as you will be paid nearly 20% more if Service Call is closed through Mobile Apps in FV Partnership.

How will I be paid?

As per the contract we will be making NEFT directly in your bank account provided by you.

How can I view my Earnings?

Every Partner will be given his login id and they can view all the activities on the same.

Who do I contact in case of any queries on Earnings?

We are with you before, during and after your journey. You can always contact us by email or by click to call during Monday – Saturday between 9AM to 6PM.

What Document do I need to become Partner ?

If you are Individual you need to submit any Two Document out of Pan Card, Aadhar Card,Passport, Driving License, Ration Card.

If you are Company , you need to submit any Two Document out of Pan Card, Vat Certificate, Service Tax Certificate, Office Establishment Certificate.

We may also check your background for safety purpose.

Will I get any referral benefit if I refer my friends as Engineer partner ?

Yes. Moreover you can refer as many you want.

As a Solution Partner, you have a unique personal invite code. Share this code with friends you’d like to invite to become Field Visit Partner with Engineer. You’ll receive a referral reward for every new FV Partner who join us using your invite code for his First paid service calls.

If you have not received payment for a referral, this is most likely because the FV Partner either did not enter your invite code and/or has not taken a first service Calls.